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People often say: dogs pass humanity. Yes. If you have a dog, you will appreciate this. About six or seven years old, when I was at home, I had a black-faced, black-faced dog. It had a small yellow hair on each of the two eyebrows. It seemed like two other eyes. Our family members It is called "four eyes." The dog is especially smart, as long as it is a place in our territory, strangers just clamor for it as long as they cross further. It is a good companion between me and my second brother. We gave it to the two provinces. After it finished eating, we shook our tail and licked our hands and face. It also saved his brother. In that year, his father used his free time to play a well in the courtyard. His brother was curious and went down to the well with a thick rope. My brother and I were small and weak. Where can I bring my brother up? The cries of our two made the "four eyes" do not know how to bring the neighbors behind the house, and my brother finally came up safely. Later, I didn��t know why the town was going to hit the dog. It was a bullet. After the dog was taken away for several days, when the family said that it might die, it suddenly appeared in the yard. After the dog came back, he refused to eat, and the stomach was paralyzed. Hey, the belly is swelling with a call, the dog's ribs are only wrapped in leather, the number of roots is clearly visible, just seeing it keeps flowing, my brother and I try to make it easy, and finally two The younger brother licked its mouth with a wicker stick and scraped out a bullet Marlboro Gold. After that, the dog began to eat. The dog and the two of us went up the mountain and played in the water. It didn��t last long. It still couldn��t escape the bad news of the bullet. The moment he was taken away, he suddenly put two front legs on his mother's shoulders, rubbed his mother's face with his tongue, and at the end, he shed tears. The mother was greatly stimulated, saying that before we had a few children, we said that we would not let the family raise a dog. When my son was four years old, his brother gave his son a pure white, long-haired pug. His son liked the ultimate. He walked and stood with his dog. The little man led a small dog and looked quite good Parliament Cigarettes. Cool heart. The dog gets the license of his son and can go to sleep. In the winter, the wall and the floor of the stove are warm. This is a good place for the dog to sleep. It is often ridged to the ground, four dog legs stretched into the air, small front The hoof is folded freely and open-minded. The grandmother of the child said that it is wearing a leather coat, and it must be hot. The son often gives the dog a father and talks to it. When the son speaks, his face is facing west, the dog's face is also facing the west, his son's face is to the east, and the dog's face is also to the east. The most powerful thing about a dog is that it can stand on the ball and let the ball roll. It will also stare at the landing birds in the courtyard, a pair of wants to flutter. Don't look at it small, very powerful, there is a stranger in the family, in addition to the previous one, I want to bite people, but also keep calling, until the person walks, the dog guardian, also protects the son's bunny, small Every time the rabbit stole and ran out of the hospital, all the dogs came back. The son often said that the dog ran wildly, the two front legs stretched forward, the two hind legs stretched back, the long dog hair opened to the sides, and the direction of the son commanded like a gust of wind. The dog was loyal. When we moved into the building, I lied to my son that the dog ran away, carrying her son and giving it to a friend. I didn��t expect the dog to go on a hunger strike and died. Now I am quite guilty about the dog. My parents are old, my ears are back. In order to grow my eyes, I have an ear guard. My father has a dog. It is also a pure white pug. It is a short-haired pug. The fat body is four. Small thin legs, walking up buttocks still twisted. This dog is better than the dogs we used to raise. It��s not that the stranger saw that the claws of the teeth were scary Marlboro Cigarettes. Just saying that a few son-in-law in the house saw it was a ��contact��. It is not to look good to the girls, they go every time, the dog keeps biting every time. They gave it delicious, the dog finished eating, did not appreciate the bite, the mother taught, and regardless of the girl, we hate it, don't mention it, and swear it "white-eyed wolf." The dog will look pretty, I often tease it. If I am happy to go to my mother's house today, it will continue to sleep, eat dog food and do its own thing, will not bite me, if I pretend to be full of anger, squint, and then point it with my finger, it will ��With the dog's head, leaning against the dog's eyes, the two pieces of the upper lip Cigarettes Online, which had no black spots on the pineapple, twitched into the nose, and the beard trembled, licking the dog's teeth and licking the dog's mouth, showing the unevenness. The canine teeth, the ears that were originally pulled up will also stand up, the throat still makes a "whistling" sound, the hair of the low tail is blown up Cheap Cigarettes, swinging back and forth, I squat again, the dog's temper is more and more violent, can't bite me, Even with dog teeth to go to the wood on the kennel. It��s really awkward.
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