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The distance between yesterday and today is only twenty-four hours. Under the control of time, I have been thousands of miles away. I know that this is an unexpected thing, but my heart is not calm for a long time, and the road ahead is long. I really don't know where to meet again. There is always a tangible form of regret in life, and everything will be clear from the shackles after everything has passed. Some people are worthy of your life to miss and deep friendship, while others let you not want to think for a second, time casts emotions, but also dissipates the fog. I was in it but I couldn't know myself. I exchanged this feeling with sincerity and kindness. I hope that the passing time should not be diluted. I hope that the reincarnation of the sun and the moon often reminds us that we are not saints, no one can predict the future, many beautiful things in the past. But you can have extravagant treasures. Don't say that I can't extricate myself in my life. Life is like a book without a catalog. It��s just that someone writes brilliance; someone writes bleak; someone writes elegance; someone writes vulgarity. If you can't get nutrition from the previous chapter, the latter content is destined to write badly. It is you, in my past, gave me an invisible wealth, so that I am no longer alone on the red dust road, all the way forward. If this is a farewell, it will bring surprises next time; if this is a long time, I am ready for the vicissitudes of the past. I am eager to tears, ten years of sorrow and joy. I dare not promise to be old and old, as long as the feelings are always there Marlboro Red. Think about our past, a past that has been cherished from now on. Bit by bit, thick and unconventional, thin but not greasy. Look at the willows on the side of the embankment, the poems we have shared together; look at the canoes on the lake, the oars we have held together; look at the gray bricks under the sycamore trees, with the imprints we have engraved together. Slowly, we found ourselves in reality, and it turned out to be fallen leaves or duckweed Online Cigarettes. In the end, each drifted, each in a row, so that this time has nowhere to be self-sufficient, so that this relationship is lonely. I really want to be a saint, so I can master the time and arrange to meet. The sea of ??people, the mortal beings Newport Cigarettes Coupons, how many people passed by without stopping. The acquaintance we met at first was so interesting, but now it is getting farther and farther, when the desolate heart can be put down, let go of care and silent care. I only hate it, I only hate the unknown, I can��t go back to heaven. Maybe a small change will not be so heart-stirded today, and the weather in the bottom of my heart can't be reversed anyway Marlboro Lights. This situation can be remembered, but it was already at a loss. In the scene, memories are shown in the mind with a dramatic past. The joys and sorrows of the sorrows and sorrows, the lack of gloom and gloom, the ends of the earth and the sun and the moon; for hate Cigarettes Online, hate songs sing a short life; if there is a magical technique, borrow another five hundred years from heaven! May I stay with you in the same sky, obsessed with memories, and obsessed with each other.
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