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In this world, when there is sunshine, there must be dark clouds; when there is sunny day, there must be wind and rain. The sunlight released from the dark clouds is more splendid than before, and the beautiful rainbow can only be bloomed after the stormy sky. People want more happiness, less pain, more success and less frustration in their lives. But fate always seems to love to fool and torture people, always giving people more loss, pain and frustration. I remember reading this story: there was a pupa on the grass, which was discovered by a child and brought home. After a few days, a small crack appeared in the pupa. The butterfly inside struggled for a long time. The body seemed to be stuck and could not get out. The innocent child couldn't bear to see the butterfly in the pupa struggling in pain. So he picked up the scissors and cut the pupa shell to help the butterfly pupa out. However, because the butterfly had not passed the painful struggle that it had to go through before breaking its pupae, the body was bloated and the wings were shriveled, and it could not fly at all. It died soon Marlboro Gold. Naturally, the joy of this butterfly disappeared forever with its death. This little story also illustrates the truth of life. To be happy, one must be able to withstand pain and frustration. This is the tempering of people, but also a necessary process for a person to grow up. When setbacks stood in front of us, we began to choose. Just as there are not exactly the same leaves in the world, the choices between people are different. We can choose to give up the frustration and go around the road without having to be sad to meet the frustration and do n��t have to make any effort; we can also choose to meet the frustration without fear, although we have worked hard for this, but we There is much to be gained, the joy and excitement of overcoming suffering, the sweetness of "seeking pleasure in suffering", and the courage and sharpening stones to overcome difficulties in the future. Only when our lives have experienced its grinding can we shine. Shine. "How can you see the rainbow without going through the wind and rain?" Growth that has experienced setbacks is more meaningful. Frustration is actually a wealth. How many hard searches, how many times the tears fell and climbed up like flowers, which paved the way for our future life Marlboro Red. The process of growing up is like walking along the beach. Rows of distorted footprints record the footprint of our growth. Only through setbacks will our legs be stronger and our footprints in life more solid. In the face of frustration, writing 800 words 2_ For frustration, for students like us who are wandering in the sea of ??knowledge, the greatest difficulty is none other than the inexplicable problems. I always struggle. Brains conquered them. Understand the truth: as long as you do your best and work tirelessly, you will be able to overcome difficulties and taste the joy of success! You are also a shining pearl. On the path of life, there are bitterness and sweetness, crying and laughing, and failure and success. In the face of a setback and a failure, some people may feel helpless, so they feel inferior and self-abandoned. But, do you know how hard it is for sand to become a pearl, and there are no smooth sailors in the world. Believe in yourself: you are also a shining pearl. Bao Jianfeng emerged from Mo Li, plum blossom fragrance came from bitter cold. Only after a bit of cold, can plum blossoms smell. Perseverance in a difficult situation, bravely facing difficulties, will eventually endure hardship. When the famous inventor Edison invented the electric lamp, he experienced more than 1,200 times, but he never gave up and still worked hard. Facing the ridicule and irony of others, he never humbled himself, but faced every failure, ridicule and irony with optimism. In the end he succeeded, he brought the light to the world, brought it to mankind, and became a shining pearl. Yes, the process of becoming a pearl is difficult, but that is essential. Only through constant infatuation, continuous shaping, and shaping oneself more perfectly can one show the style that pearl deserves. The composition of the day will come down to the people of Sri Lanka, they must first suffer their minds, work their muscles, starve their skin, and empty their bodies. Lu Xun, a great revolutionary, writer Online Cigarettes, and thinker, faced with the dark social reality, he once wandered and shouted, but he was not buried by the dark society. He stood up again. With his full blood and fighting spirit, he used a pen as a gun and pointed at the heart of the enemy. Looking at history, every celebrity and great man has unspeakable bitterness and pain behind their success. In fact, our success is the same. If you want to be a shining pearl, don't be afraid of the thorns and bumps on the road. Even if you are stabbed and stung by it, it is worth it. Because, you are also a shining pearl, the pearl will withstand hardship. The composition does not experience the wind and rain, how to see the rainbow, no one can succeed casually. Because the crown of victory is made of thorns, and the road of success extends from failure. It is a kind of success to experience failure. Just as people want to learn to walk, don't be afraid of wrestling. In fact, you are also a shining pearl, withstanding difficulties, courageously facing it, and giving birth to the glorious life of pearls, there are many setbacks, but these setbacks can train us and bring us closer to success
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