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Yesterday my dad said he would take us out to play. Because I couldn't control my excitement, I got up early this morning to pack things. The car we took after we packed up left, and my dad said that it would take two hours to drive to Shuangfeng Mountain, which is exactly what I expected, because I can see the beautiful scenery and they are going up the mountain. Yeah! The scenery on the mountain is so beautiful. When we reached the middle of the mountain, Shuangfeng Mountain was faintly covered by floating clouds, giving a sense of mystery. "Ah, what's this!" The little aunt behind called out. I looked closely. It turned out to be a big colorful spider Cigarettes For Sale. To be honest, I think this spider is really strange, but it doesn't matter. This spider blocks Can't stop my way! Hey Marlboro Gold, what a weird thing, I saw a thing with green thorns all over, then I want to pick up this thing with green thorns and take a good look, but it's that The sharp thorn pierced me a bit, oops! It hurts me, my mother ran over at this time, she told me that this is a wild small chestnut, oh, I understood at once, this time I have one more knowledge . We walked up again for a while, and came to a sign with the sign that we were going to the Wangfuting Pavilion. So we walked according to the words and signs on the sign, and finally came to the entrance of Lookout Pavilion. This Wangfu Pavilion is so beautiful. The main beam of the pavilion is made of four blue woods, giving a very fresh feeling. What impressed me the most is that each of the four pillars has a golden dragon on it Newport Cigarettes Coupons. There is a small bead in the dragon's mouth. His eyes are shining and bright, and the phosphor flakes are shining. Each dragon is carved like a real one. We can also take a bird's eye view of the entire mountain from Wangfu Pavilion, and look at the mountain from a distance. After we got down from Wangfu Pavilion, we hurried to the next scenic spot
Hanhanpo. It took us about half an hour to get there. I looked at the introduction and learned that there is a total of 348 steps in Haohanpo. The high mountain road has a huge risk factor, but we are still adventurous. I walked halfway. It ��s not enough anymore. At this time, I looked back and took a breath. My mother, it ��s so high from the ground. I could n��t help but retreat from my heart. My dad walking above me encouraged me to move on. Go, so I decided to climb to the top of the mountain in one go, to be a true "hero". Suddenly my uncomfortable stomach cried, and I couldn't help but climbed up the good Hanpo with my hands and feet. At this time, I was standing on the top of the mountain, breathing fresh air and looking at the beautiful scenery. There was an indescribable comfort in my heart. I think that the Shuangfeng Mountain is really meaningful. It has both beautiful scenery and exercise. I took the car back home and looked back at the beautiful Shuangfeng Mountain. I could n��t help shouting, ��I will definitely come back to Shuangfeng Mountain.
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