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Most of the children have been taught homework by their parents, but most parents have different attitudes. Some parents have the patience to carefully tutor their children, but others are very grumpy and think that tutoring is the sin of the previous life Newport Cigarettes Coupons. However, I feel that as a parent, you should experience your child, think more from the standpoint of the child, and have enough patience with the child to teach in a timely manner. After all, parents are the best teachers for children. Parents do not understand that children will make them enter the rebellious stage one step earlier, and are more likely to do some bad things. I saw such a dialogue on the Internet: Parents say they envy their children ��s life now. With such good educational resources, they can learn every day, and the children say I Even more envious of your generation can not be overwhelmed by school pressure. Parents are very confused, the child said that now we are studying all day and night, we will go to school before 7:00 in the morning, we will write homework at night until 11 o��clock, and even Saturday and Sunday will be occupied by you, not one. Two days, but twelve years! The parent caused thinking Wholesale Cigarettes, "Yes, if the parents do not understand their children, the children will not understand the parents. Think about the pressure of learning plus the pressure given by the parents. This person is not strange." Under the education system Marlboro Cigarettes, it is nothing more than a little bastard in the society, but Jackie Chan is good at movement. Why don't parents let children who don't love learning develop movements. Develop what you are good at. Parents should learn to stand at the child's perspective to understand the child and realize that the child will eventually approach the child to learn what their child wants and hates. This small video composed of words immediately received more than 2 million likes on Douyin. Some children commented below that there are "parents listen to it and count me to lose". Such a sentence got more than 600,000. Like it, this is the voice of the children! Some parents think they are right. Learning is king, forcing the child to learn, the child is finally forced to help, the result is tragic. Netease cloud singer "Relief and Shao Shuai" was poor when he was a child, and he loved music and bought a guitar with his own money. His father found out that his father felt that there was a way out for learning. These whistle-blowing things were useless. He dropped the guitar and finally retained it under the child's entreaties, so he extended his hand at Huang Who's College and spread it all over the country with a piece of "Writing to Huang Who". Become one of the hottest folk singers in this regard. I think that only when the parents understand the child understands the child, there is no such pressure on the child. Returning to the topic, the parent ��s patient guidance of the homework will make the child love learning and feel the fun of learning. On the contrary, if the child is grumpy, the child will be a bit shadowy, and thus hate going to school, so that for the sake of the child's parents, they should stand from the child's perspective to experience the child!
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