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Maybe you can sit in a lotus pond like a moonlight; maybe you can sit on a distant mountain like a cloud; maybe you can sit in a book page like a beam of light; maybe you can sit like a dream, sitting in your eyebrows . Some time is used to sit down. For example, the same time of tea, like the time of thought, like a camphor, sweet and steady sweet sitting, like the two from the brows of the beautiful people in the south of the Yangtze River Marlboro Cigarettes, from the blue smoke The word is quite poetic. The silky smoke, along with the light and shallow memories, sat back to the edge of the past and present, with the slight pleasure of the peach petals. I have seen her past in a friend's book. Her friend invited her to listen to a piece of music, each writing something she thought of on paper. What my friends wrote is: Mingyue, Yi, Guizhou, Luohua, Yi, Tianya. Her friend's paper is a quiet white. My friend couldn��t help but wonder, and her friend replied on paper: it��s hard to tell the story. Such a quiet hour of light, just sitting in a piece of music, only to find the beauty of music deeper, beautiful to the point. This small sitting, a person, is sitting in the quiet of a house, the drunkenness of a tree. I used to sit on a word, a word, a poem... This is not a poetic depiction, nor is it not a fireworks. It is indeed the beauty of a word, which arouses the embarrassment of the heart, and swayes the layers of silky thoughts. It really is: "I don��t know who is a guest in a dream, a greedy sorrow. Sitting down is my life. One of the things that I do most is that I take the girl��s proverb, like a dream. I have seen too many people who are running in the world, people who run in the disputes, and those who are fighting for me... They seem to be bound by a thread, can not afford to escape, can not escape, can never stop. I hope more people can stop, sit down, enjoy a faint and comfortable time Newport Cigarettes, let the thoughts soak in a moment of peace. Stop in the shadows, sit in the bright place; stop at the troubles Cigarettes Online, sit in the cool place; stop in the grievances, sit in the open space; stop in the entanglement, sit at the ceremonial place, you must have a period of time, do not have to It��s amazing, you don��t have to fall and fall, sit quietly for a moment, let your thoughts spread out. At this time, the wind is sitting down, the moon is sitting down, and the shadows are sitting down. Your eyes have clear light, Into the person who makes you happy, one day, I will be like a Moonlight, sitting in lotus pond; like a cloud, sitting in the mountains; like a bunch of lights, sit on your page; like a dream, sitting on your brow.
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