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At the door of the district, people are always coming and going, and they are very busy. Just next to the gate, a white magnolia is planted. When the flowers bloom, the scent of the heart will always attract the praise of passers-by. Every day at school, I pass through the Magnolia tree and sometimes stop to enjoy it. Its branches are not thicker than the broad magnolia; its trunks are long and slender, and the joints between the branches and the branches are curved. From below it looks like someone deliberately smashed it into a fold line. The flower buds on the branches are very large, and more than half of them have already blossomed. It is such a large petal. It is hard to imagine how such delicate branches support the white magnolia. The petals are white and look like the fresh light, just like a newborn baby, quiet and detailed. Stretching, swaying toward the sun, dancing with the wind, this is the harmony of spring. Just a few days ago, Hefei rained in the night, and the wind was rolling in the rain continuously. The next morning, the rain stopped, the air was smoky in the air, the weather was cloudy, and the surrounding atmosphere also turbided the rain. Going to school in the morning, rushing through the gate, I found the empty white magnolia branches. The past vigor and diversity no longer exist. This rain ransacked the branches and thoroughly peeled off the petals without any mercy. . Even though the beautiful and beautiful Magnolia, it will not be able to withstand the ruthless wind and rain. Under the tree, the sanitation workers are carefully cleaning up the petals that have fallen but are still completely white. Although the white magnolia is out of the branches, its petals are still so self-respecting. At the last moment of life, I still retain the high-quality appearance in front of me. I think of the sentence of "Liu Sao" in the "Li Sao", "the fall of the magnolia, the fall of the autumn chrysanthemum". Perhaps I should thank the sanitation workers, when the city is still quiet Cigarettes Online, sweep the petals of the lost magnolia to the side of the road, not letting the wheels of the passing vehicles crush and suppress the feet of the passing pedestrians. Thinking about it, my heart is somewhat lost, regret and even grief. A few days passed and the sky cleared again. Every day when I go to school or after school, I will look at the white magnolia, sometimes just a trip. It was not until the day before yesterday that I discovered that the branches of this magnolia had sprouted The tan branches are adorned with spotted new green. Today, on the branches of Magnolia, it is covered with large pieces of life-filled green Cheap Cigarettes, just like the color of hope. I am very happy, and at the same time, I feel sad for myself. I suddenly realized that Magnolia does not need people's pity for it. This is contrary to Maurice's talented painter Charles, who pursues hopes and dreams without any sympathy. Strickland is very similar. Although his paintings became famous after his death, Strickland used his passion for painting to resist objective external factors. His life is still so noble and unique. After death, he still has his spirit and paintings to continue his life. I raise my head, and the strong light of the midday sun makes me unable to open my eyes. I stared at the white magnolia tree, and in the surrounding aperture, I saw the blooming magnolia again.
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