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In the morning, a few rays of sunlight shone into the room through the window, and the sun was scattered on the quilt, which made the quilt warm and sunny. I enjoyed this peaceful "papapa ..." The harsh sound passed into my ears as usual This sound dragged me out of my enjoyment. I shouted impatiently, "Noisy, annoying!" But the voice was still in my ear, and it was getting louder. The fire in my heart jumped up, put on slippers, walked quickly to the balcony, the sound of the collision of slippers and the floor seemed to shake the whole house. "What are you shooting! Noisy!" I yelled at the busy back. "Ah! You have been woken up! I'm sorry!" She turned and said with guilt. After that, I went to quilt again. "Annoying!" I said angrily. She just smiled and didn't speak. I reluctantly turned and walked out of the balcony Cigarettes Online. She lived in my house temporarily. As long as it was sunny, she would take out our quilt Marlboro Lights. Every time she said that quilt is good for sleep. "Pap" is heard almost at the same time every sunny day. This sound is like a fuse, as long as it is lit, it will make me feel bad. So, every time I yell at her, she never gets angry and keeps doing her things. So, I called her "fool" in my back, and I didn't want to sleep on the quilt she had sunbaked, nor did I believe what she said was good for sleep. Occasionally, I was so tired that I slept on the bed. I didn't know why that day Cheap Cigarettes, I felt very fragrant, there was a fragrance on the quilt, and I felt refreshed when I smelled it. I thought it was my mother who sprinkled the toilet water. Later I learned that it was a "fool" quilt. Since that day, my attitude towards her has changed significantly, and I will no longer be called a "fool". I also respect her and feel that this is a treat. However, every morning, a "snap" sound will be heard in my ears. This sound warms me and makes me feel warm, just like this quilt.
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