11/14/16 Weekly Blog - Picking back up after taking a bit off

Hey Everyone,

So here's the first attempt at a weekly blog post. I'll be posting up some sort of blog post every week. Either it's info on some game dev stuff or updates on what I'm doing. 

It was a couple of weeks ago now but GameACon in Atlantic City, NJ was awesome! Thanks to anyone who came out! I haven't had much time to sit down and work on anything since then. But the last couple days I've been able to put some time aside and start working on "Boris:Hero of the Universe" again. At this point I haven't really worked on the game in at least a month, let alone even looking at any backend stuff for it. 

First things first I updated Unity. So naturally things broke. 

Nothing too crazy mostly the lighting is off now. Small tweaks and everything will be back to normal.

So now I'll sit down and play the game and make a big checklist of everything I need to fix/add in order to make the game work to exactly what I want it to. Which is what I'm doing now. 

Game mechanics is the main thing. Anyone who has played the game knows that the enemies just sort of spawn randomly with no real purpose. My main thing is I want to get more of an order or rhythm to them. So that eventually hardcore players can hear whatever song is playing and go along with the rhythm, or muscle memory(much like classic games such as Galaga) which is what I'm going for. 


Another main issue that I hear from players is not being able to see enemies or losing the player in the game. 

This is a whole other issue as this is more of a design flaw that I need to work on. Most of the sprites in the game are just placeholders for now but the issue that still remains is how do I tone everything down, make it so enemies are clearer, and you don't lose Boris in the crowd. It's tough since I want the game to be very flashy but I don't want it to turn you away. 

So that's the current goal for Boris:Hero of the Universe, clean up the wave spawn mechanics and make waves more fluid, and try to clean up the screen and make everything nicer to look at, maybe even mess with you UI a bit. 

So this was the first official "weekly update" hopefully I'll have some progress to show next week!